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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  March 7, 2018 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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garden state, didn't escape, the latest nor'easter bringing winter weather to new jersey as well and fresh snow fall in the first state. there is some digging out to do in delaware as this heavy wet snow blankets, much of the region. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. storm is moving out now but not before leaving quite a mess behind. we have team three coverage tonight with reporters all around the region, and checking on the conditions, after nor'easter. >> let's begin with meteorologist kate bilo with the very latest on where we stand, with this storm, kate. >> the gust nice, most of the storm has ended for our area some spots enjoying breaks of sun as we head toward sunset. so that is good news, the accumulating snow for vast majority of the area has come to an end bit is still falling in coastal, new jersey. the southern shore spots are dry, for now, as is delaware, notice there are some snow showers across western pennsylvania, a few of those could survive, maybe a stray snow showers, flurries tonight but heavy at accumulating snow
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from the nor'easter has moved on out, you can see where that snow is falling right now over burlington county and ocean county, toms river, stafford, lbi, seeing some snow falling at the moment as well. behind this, things have dried out and you can see a few breaks in the cloud cover over portions of chester county, delaware county and northern delaware. snow totals from this storm big winning area as far as jackpot snow totals if you like snow, it is a winner maybe not you are a loser but, broomall a foot of snow, 12 inches, bryn mawr 11 inches lower makefield township 10.5. berwyn 9 inches. fox chase section of the city at 7 inches of snow. delaware again was not spared. greenville 10.4 inches, brandywine at 10 inches, north of wilmington 8 inches of snow , newark over half a foot and new castle 5.1 inches. in new jersey we had, again some spots with over seven or 8 inches of snow. but what to expect this evening. snow is departing rapidly. breaks of sunshine, out there
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right now, skies will be clearing tonight, so as temperatures are still above freezing, the snow is starting to melt and exact. that should help roads recover quickly. road is still messy especially those back road but things are better. here are new jersey snow totals moorestown 8 inches of snow. vast majority of that fell in the very short period of time. board he even town 7.4, west deptford at 6.5. cherry hill 5 inches. seaville cape may county even pick up 3 inches of snow toward the shore. now that the system is out of here, what to expect as we head toward the weekend? could we have another storm in the seven day forecast? we will have more on that coming up. for now, back over to you. see you then. delaware county takes another hit. >> last week's winter storm was destruction and power outageness that area and today 's weather, added another layer of trouble, joe holden is live in havertown where he has been reporting all day, joe. >> reporter: jessica and ukee we are still recovering here in havertown, the good news, it haze stopped, snowing.
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there is a slight of a breeze, but the power just continues to be a primary concern, and, the number of outages, has, ticked upwards. we spoke to a man who lost power right at the same time the wawa here, did as well, and how about a listen to how things were going for his day. >> this morning i woke up, everything was cool, just started snowing and then like 2:00 o'clock we lost power and it has been ever since. >> reporter: all over again. >> yeah. >> reporter: you who power on friday, got it back on sunday. >> yes. >> reporter: mentally, it is a challenge. >> it is just annoying, i just want to play x box. >> reporter: everybody is playing tonight. >> yes. >> reporter: as far as roads are concerned secondary roads a kate was saying still snow covered, the main road is here , darby, eagle roads, are slushy. i see school district workers over there, they are shoveling
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, haverford township, of course, like so many others does not want another snow day , of course, i have to tell my kid they may be in school through july. just kidding. that is very latest reporting live from havertown i'm joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> all right, joe, thanks very much. power problems, extend all across the region, peco right now is reporting more than 117,000 outages, and the bulk of which is located in bucks county. about 5100ppl customers in the dark, ac electric is working to restore power to more than 23,000, customers, and, pse and g is reporting 56,000 outages and del marva has 668 customers without power, in new castle county, notice those numbers have gone up significantly as day progressed. focus in chester county is now in the clean up effort. >> "eyewitness news" was in west chester earlier as snow came down hard and fast. many people wisely opt todd stay indoors and off of the roads. those who did venture out on
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foot, bundled up appropriately for the elements. lets look live from the cbs-3 mobile weather watcher now making its way around snow covered roadness chestnut hill , the snow came but plenty of clean up left. if you are going to be out, please be very careful. in fill at snow shovels and the salt bags were out. >> natasha brown joins us from rittenhouse square with the very latest on the conditions there, natasha. well, you know, heavy wet snow blanketed the area earlier today throughout this city but now it is, a couple hours ago but not before leaving behind, a slushy mess. flakes fell fast, steadily, heavily making for scenic views in rittenhouse square and fun snow day for nine year-old dive a and her dad. >> i love making snow and playing in the snow. >> reporter: there were fun moments others found it difficult to get around with waking however carefully, being the best option. >> not too bad, it is warm so
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not sticking. >> reporter: goggles are helping. >> a little bit. >> slippery, messy, sloppy, yucky day, kind of day to just stay home and binge netflix and do nothing. >> reporter: while some could not find enough works to describe the weather conditions today... the philadelphia parking authority was very busy, clearing cars, out of snow emergency routes. others let their actions speak volumes, using simple acts of kindness to help fellow philadelphians to get around like north carolina native cigar williams. >> people just walk past that lady and she's out here with a walking kaine, i'm like why do they do that? i was like wow. that is what happened. >> reporter: just a little act of kindness like that that makes all of the different on a day like today. we appreciate, cigar, that is
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his name, very nice man who helped that laid a long today. we are seeing more and more people venturing out as storm has cleared out of here and they are getting their lives more back to normal. live from rittenhouse square, natasha brown for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". if you are thinking of traveling by air today your flight is probably been delayed or cancelled all together. >> at one point flights were completely suspended at philadelphia international but crews have been working throughout the storm to clear the runways. flights are departing from the airport now but there are significant delays as you can imagine so continue to check the status of your flight, with your airline, before you go to the airport. and this winter weather causing plenty of problems on the roads. lets look live at i-95 near academy road in northeast philadelphia where a car studded off roadway there, and certainly be safe, and, everyone recognize who is easy kind of get comfortable once roads look clear but unfortunately things like that can happen quickly. stay with "eyewitness news" we will machine for conditions throughout the night we will
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be on extra early tomorrow morning, join rahel, jim, meisha and lauren at 4:00 a.m. right here on cbs-3. >> even though it may have caused problems, the snow isn't all bad if you are a kid >> vittoria woodill is in doyletown and tori you ran into adorable kid is today. >> reporter: they were one of the highlights of my snow day here in doyletown but briefly before we get to those adorable kids because we will not miss them, but brad new our incredible photographer for cbs has really put a head line together which basically is we brought the energy to doyletown because the breaking news is that this town has power back on. so, things have really, looked up for this town but really all day, things have looked bright, cheery, snowy for many people that we met including these adorable, kid, lets take a look.
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>> ♪ >> what are you eating. >> how does it snow taste. >> good. >> what does it taste like. >> snow. >> that is nice. >> it taste like what. >> cold as ice. >> can i try some. >> yes. >> let me see. >> that is good. that is really good. so what are you doing out in the snow today. >> we are going to a restaurant. >> yes. >> that is so exciting. >> yes. >> you got your work cut out for you, you are the conductor for majority of the trip would i imagine. >> yes, conductor for the snow train absolutely. >> you love the snow. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> are you cold. >> yeah. >> i love the snow day. i have lived here 10 years. finally made it to the news. >> did that snow on top of you yes. >> you seem to be having fun. >> that looks good. i will get some too. >> yes. >> what sound does the snow train make. >> are you making the snow
6:10 pm
train sound. >> yeah. >> wow, wow. >> it is time to go, mom and dad. >> sure there, were snowplows but they were also snow trains ukee and jessica live from doyletown, now has power, this is definitely one snow day that is in the books, and boy did we have a great time. wow, wow. >> can we give them a show. >> they need their own show. >> were they adorable, it was just too much for tv. >> so cute. >> just too much. >> tickets to the snow train. we have plenty of storm watch coverage still to come including a check on things in new jersey. check out this video from lawrenceville from our weather watcher, peter furron a snowy scene in south jersey, we will check in live with cleve bryan with the latest conditions when we come back. also a live look, from sky scan three, the snow stretching for miles, blanket
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ing the region kate will be back with the latest on the storm in just a few moments, don. the eagles are going for it, again, birds make a trade for three time pro bowl tore boost defensive line, details, later in sports.
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snow has stopped but signs of storm in delaware. live look from north wilmington where is there white blanketing the ground, and at this location. snow fell for most of the day in south jersey but it picked up this afternoon. >> team coverage continues with cleve bryan live in moorestown, cleve, how are the conditions right now. >> jessica and ukee, it stopped snowing but man, it came dunn fast, furious this afternoon. they got about 6 inches and only about five hours. these road where is a mess. take a look a little while ago down the hill from where we are standing on church road in moorestown. there was a disable tractor trailer, it got stuck at bottom of the hill because there was a down power line
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and then tried to backup, and got stuck, and then cars all got stuck trying to backup because of that vehicle. just a mess, throughout the day. we saw that the snow was coming down, at a rate of more than an inch an hour, and then at some point and as a result of that we have a lot of wet, heavy snow and craziest things we have heard in moorestown was that thunder snow, and here's some of the local residents, reaction to that thunder snow. >> i was inside comfortably nice and warm and then i, i heard a loud cracking and ran outside, and i was scared. definitely not something that i was expect to go day. >> different experience seeing lightening and thunder in the mid of all this white and snow and everything, never expect that to happen. >> we did get to see that first hand, i saw four flashes of lightening, rolling thunder , pretty strange, in the something i want to experience, in the snow, but the storm, it leaving with us
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a lot of clean up to do i. roads looking okay but still a lot of room for improvement. live from moorestown, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news" >> they got hit, cleve, thank you. snow is leaving its mark on the lehigh valley as well. >> "eyewitness news" reporter chantee lans is live, with the very latest on the conditions there, chantee report report hi, jessica and ukee, keyword is leaving its mark, ie, it has left, the snow has officially stop. we are at a ppl center in downtown allentown on hamilton street. it is slushy with the accumulation totals. several inches, not so bad, panning up to the road here. cars have listened to penndot pretty much stayed off the road for the most part. we have seen lots and lots of plows coming through the sidewalks, crystal clear, now earlier i spoke with a pizza delivery driver, he said that he was looking forward, to this storm. >> i'm very much a snow advocate so i was looking
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forward to it, so, you know, i was hoping for one big one before it was done for the year, but you know, i will take what i can get. i like it. i like it falling. it is nice, peaceful. mother nature. how can you be mad at mother nature? >> reporter: toshay how can you be mad at mother nature. she spared us this time in allentown. no reports of any outages or lots of them out here but penndot again wants to you stay off the road because whale it is slushy, the snow could freeze over and continue to be dangerous so just let crews continue to be on the road and get their jobs done. very latest live from downtown allentown shan take lance for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good advice, thank you. kate joins us now, she continues to watch this baby as it moves on out. >> yep. >> getting ready to spring, forward soon. >> we are indeed. >> it is interesting to see how much snow fell. it looks like allentown would see the most of it and it over performed further south and east, portions of new jersey
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pick pick up 8 inches and less in the lehigh valley w these storms it is all about where bands set up. when you get convective banding it is impossible to forecast where they set up. these are areas that will see most snow. posts of chester county, berks county, little bit less, portions of new jersey, a little bit more but that heart of the storm, northwest suburbs where up to a foot fell in delaware county and near the city of philadelphia, and now, we are starting to see the clean up as the storm moves out. lets look outside right now, out to plymouth meeting an area with 10 inches of snow with the storm and you can see skies are still gray, in the seeing much in the way of breaks of sunshine anymore, breaks of clear sky i should say as sun goes down but we will see clearing skies through tonight, lingering flurry or snow shower, possible. here's our departing system still looking strong as it moves up through new england, and winds are still gusty around back edge of this storm but heaviest snow has now shift todd southern new england and we are seeing most of the snow, ending in the
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region. still snowing in portions of ocean county, toms river, lbi, light at best and over burlington county as well, seeing some of that snow could be slick spots on the roads there. road conditions, are improving , a lot of the snow, melted on contact, and that is what we will see with this heavy wet snow and does in the pile up, as when air is very cold because the snow melts, it compacts and that keeps total lower in some spots even as those big fat flakes are falling from the sky, in the quite as much, on the ground. temperatures in the mid to upper 30's all that snow is turning into slush, starting to melt, mother nature helping road crews this evening, and tonight, as storm moves on out by 8:00 o'clock snow's over for entire region, possibly stray flurry or snow shower north and west overnight. tomorrow here at noon it is sunny, it is dry, nice march day brisk and chilly wins are still strong. tomorrow future wind gusts as storm exits and hi pressure builds in we will create that
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pressure gradient and testimony we could see winds as high as 30 miles an hour in the morning, and probably as high as 25 miles an hour, through the afternoon. so snow, ending this evening, clouds decreasing overnight your low is 30. tomorrow mostly sun which a chilly breeze at 44 for the high and that strong march sun and temperatures in the 40's will continue that melt down, everything will be very soggy and muddy as we head in the weekend with temperatures in the mid to upper 40's. we will spring, forward on saturday night and then monday watching the coast for another potential rain or snowstorm we will keep you posted on that. in the meantime flyers fans making their way through snow for a big game in south philadelphia, don bell has sports next.
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crew where is busy clearing snow, fly guys are flyers are
6:24 pm
helps continuing division rival pittsburgh penguins in an hour an a half. plow were out in force make suring fans can get to the game, safely. inside the arena not so much outside. let's get flyers. >> wow. >> and fly guys in a bit. >> but first we will talk about the super bowl champs making some moves. >> yeah. >> i cannot believe this. >> this is biggy can't believe it. is what opposite of complacent the answer is, the eagles. the eagles. that is the answer, birds jumped at one of the best defensive lineman in football. the team has agreed to trade for defensive end michael bennet, of the seahawks a three time pro bowl shore can play anywhere on the line, he had eight and a half sacks last season with 24 quarterback hits, bennet turns 33 in november, at a salary cap, i should say calorie cap hit will be in the neighborhood of five and a half million. incredible. the deal cannot officially be announced until next week when the new league year begins.
6:25 pm
but here's the details. eagles send white out marcus johnson and fifth round pick to seattle in exchange they get bennet and a seventh round pick. flyers and penguins from the center in 90 minutes. this is, kind of a big deal. pittsburgh is one point ahead in the standing, but if the orange and black win, they will tie washington for first place, in the metro division. the phillies hosting red sox today and aaron nola is feeling pretty, pretty good. he went four innings, giving up just one hit, struck out five, phillies opening day starter, looks like he is ready to roll. bottom of the ninth bases loaded phillies clinging to a one run lead, millare in gets final out on the come back which drove them home. phillies win two-one the final score. >> it looked different there in clearwater, florida. >> it is sunny. >> look at that. >> people are comfortable. >> t-shirts. >> oh, my. >> that is all right. >> it is okay it is coming.
6:26 pm
>> when we come back more storm watch coverage live look right now, snow piles up in the poconos for skiers and snow borders doesn't get much better then this we will be right back.
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we are back with a view on the freshly fallen snow, drone watch three above the art museum as plenty of people winter weather today. >> the snow started falling
6:29 pm
this afternoon many "eyewitness news" viewers have been documenting this latest nor'easter. >> check out this photo sent by kelly from voorhees, new jersey she tweeted this saying the heavier snow brought down pines in her backyard. and, check out this little guy , this is max, we know him too, incredible snow man in garnett valley, excellent skills that is bigger then him >> it is bigger then him. >> please keep photos coming, sharing with us is very easy just use the #cbs-3 snow on facebook, twit error instagram >> well, thanks for staying with us throughout the day and for ending up with us here on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back the at 10 on the sister station cw philly and back here at 11:00. remember we're always on cbs up next, "cbs evening news" with jeff glor but before we go another look at some of the snow that swept through the region today, take care family we will see you tonight, be safer.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> glor: back for seconds. a major nor'easter, the second in less than a week. travel is treacherous, flights are grounded, and hundreds of thousands will spend another night in the cold and dark. also tonight, double dare. >> how dare you. >> how dare you. >> glor: the battle between the justice department and california over illegal immigration. >> immigrants are welcome here! >> glor: the president will sign tariffs into law tomorrow. we're in steel country. >> i believe it means job security. >> it kind of made me nervous. >> glor: an adult film star sues for the right to talk about an alleged affair with the president. a new clue in the case of a poisoned russian spy. and a football star becomes a hero off t


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